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Corporate & Operational Consulting

Corporate and Operational Consulting Services

A fundamental part of collaboration is acknowledging no one achieves significant success alone. In the GBV, Domestic Violence, and Corporate Sectors, the question is not “who can help more people faster?”, but rather “how can we work together to help those in need?”.

We recognize that in each sector every dollar is precious. Properly allocating funding to meet your agency or corporate needs can be difficult, and money is finite. Knowing this, we have sought out knowledgeable and professional consultants to assist in various capacities, to help you utilize your revenues efficiently and effectively, on a need-by-need basis. Consultant proficiencies include but are not limited to:

  • Volunteer Program Development & Training
  • Policy Development and Governance
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Fund Development
  • Grant Writing
  • Procedure Development & Training
  • Human Resource Support
  • Procedure Development & Training
  • Union Negotiations and Management
  • Corporate Social Mandate Framework, Program Development, and Project Management
  • Internal Systems & Reporting

We also understand that the nature of each sector is unique. As such, we have ensured that each contractor comes with extensive shelter, not for profit, and business experience.

Your money matters and should be used to meet your goal of helping survivors and increasing your corporate social impact.

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Corporate and Operational Consulting Services