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Education and Training

Education and Training Programs

GBV Resource Collective values growth and learning. Things are always shifting, and education is necessary to maintain a level of understanding. Remaining “current” allows us to help each other and your clients the best we can. We want to provide you with the opportunity to expand your knowledge through training programs offered by organizations within the GBV Sector, such as:

  • Victim Support – Healing after Gender Based Violence
  • How to support those experiencing GBV
  • Educating perpetrators on healthy alternative anger outlets
  • Junior and senior high adolescent focused GBV training
  • Support for Frontline Social Workers
  • Emergency services personnel training for GBV
  • GBA+ Trauma Informed Care Training Programs (Accredited)
  • Healthy relationships
  • Emergency Protective Order education for victims, perpetrators, and organizations
  • Corporate partner education and awareness programs
  • Gender-based violence in the workplace
  • Customized programs to meet public, government, and agency needs
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Education and Training Programs