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Bridging the Gaps in Domestic
and Gender-Based Violence

The GBV Bridge Project

The GBV Resource Collective Inc. will establish a national resource database to centralize access to all GBV agencies, shelters, organizations, and social ministries for individuals in need of support and services, eliminating current sector silos.

A community-based approach and prevention-based initiatives will be used to address intersectional barriers to equality for diverse women (e.g., anti-oppression and anti-racism initiatives). The project will promote reconciliation through distinction-based approaches to ensure Indigenous women’s and girls’ safety, economic security, and leadership.

The GBV Bridge project will improve trauma-informed care sector practices, service collaboration and support for GBV service providers, through improved creation and implementation of solution-focused programs within the GBA+.

The GBV Bridge

More detailed information on The GBV Bridge National Gender-Based Violence database and intake/triage process coming in Fall 2023.

GBV Trauma Informed Care Training

GBV Resource Collective will be developing and implementing an accredited training program to improve sector trauma-informed intake/triage process.

Delivery of the Training will be available in late 2023.

GBV Resource Collective would like to express our gratitude and acknowledge Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE) for their financial support in this project.

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