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National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence Community Engagement Initiative
The Time To Act is Now…. We Need Your Voice

On average, every six days, a woman is killed by her intimate partner in Canada.

Social isolation measures have created new barriers in supporting victims. Further identifying gaps within the system, in particular to marginalized individuals.  Whether it’s intimate partner abuse, sexual exploitation or assault, cyberviolence, or stalking, it’s an issue that impacts all of us.

While all individuals are at risk, some face much higher levels of violence such as (but not limited to): Indigenous women, young women, individuals with disabilities, 2SLGBTQI+ people, and individuals living in rural/remote areas.


We need your voice, recommendations, and input to collectively identify and recommend policy reform, solutions, supports, and services.
Please take the time to fill out a survey(s) that applies to you.


But WE are not alone

We want to hear from YOU!

As a Social Enterprise, GBV Resource Collective is positioned to be a non-partisan voice for organizations and agencies who are partially or wholly funded by government and partisan funders.

Join us in creating revolutionary impact through initiating collaborative and proactive policy change in social and judicial Gender Based Violence issues.

    This project is funded through the generosity of Wage and Gender Equality Canada. We also wish to express our gratitude to the participating organizations and individuals across Canada who continue to provide their time, expertise and commitment to this project.

    Ce projet est financé grâce à la générosité de Wage and Gender Equality Canada. Nous tenons également à exprimer notre gratitude aux organisations participantes et aux personnes de partout au Canada qui continuent de donner de leur temps, de leur expertise et de leur engagement à ce projet.

    Women and Gender Equality Canada