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Bridging the Gaps in
Gender-Based Violence

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GBV Services

Working together to provide quality education and resources to all organizations, individuals and sector providers.

What exactly do we offer?

A support and service based Social Enterprise for all survivors, individuals, organizations, and government agencies affected by gender-based violence by providing relevant resources, education, and advocacy.

Why Social Enterprise?

Social Enterprise = Social Benefit / Non-Partisan = All are Welcome

We are on a mission to “bridge the gap” between all individuals, organizations, social and government agencies affected by and servicing gender-based-violence (GBV).

Our goal to end GBV is socially rooted and is not something that we alone can accomplish. Combining practical strategies, value-driven innovation, high ethics, and social collaboration, we are working to create lasting systemic changes through implementation and delivery.

As a non-partisan Social Enterprise, we direct accumulated revenue back into the community


where it can be used for outreach programs, training, education programs, or other resources through the GBV Foundation Endowment Fund in partnership and managed by Edmonton Community Foundation.

We advocate in a non-partisan capacity, representing the calls to action and interests of victims, community, as well as service and support agencies. Through this model, everyone has a voice and community agencies are supported. As a result, benefits, and support for GBV survivors will be maximized.

Collaborative and Corporate Partners